Falling Iguana Theatre

DIANA (I Knew You When We Were Fourteen)

Falling Iguana Theatre was founded when Alexa Higgins & Ian Ottis Goff found a copy of Michael Ondaatje’s poem Elimination Dance in a Toronto bookstore, which prompted the creation of the company’s first production DIANA (I knew you when we were fourteen). DIANA follows Michael, as he searches for his missing friend Diana who mysteriously disappears after a high school dance. DIANA spans several years and multiple Canadian cities as we follow both Michael and Diana on their separate but interconnected journeys through childhood memories, family trauma, and into adulthood. DIANA was first performed in PEI as part of the Island Fringe Festival (2018) and was later selected by committee and produced by the University of Toronto’s Drama Centre in September 2019 at the Robert Gill Theatre. It was re-written, developed, workshopped, and refined over a year and a half, from its early inaugural performance in PEI to its more fully realized presentation in September of 2019.