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Crane Girl

Written by Alexa Higgins

Crane Girl will be Falling Iguana's third original production. 

'Crane Girl' will be part of the "One Night Only" festival presented by Space Space Revolution in Toronto! This will be a staged reading of the play and will take place June 10th at the Attic Theatre. Information on audition opportunities can be found on the 'Crane Girl' page. Tickets are on sale now! 

Follow this link to purchase your tickets online, no tickets will be sold at the door


Crane Girl will be presented as a staged reading at the One Night Only Festival on June 10, 2023 at the Attic Studio and Theatre in Toronto. Crane Girl, inspired by true events, is a fictionalized exploration of what might cause a person to walk out of their carefully curated life and climb a crane. It follows Jane, a young married woman who, having witnessed a tragic event, suddenly finds herself feeling completely untethered. She can see no way out of the cage she has built around herself until she realizes she should not have been looking for a way out, she should have been looking for a way up. We are casting four performers to play a variety of roles. FYI: This performance will be a profit share production; therefore, revenue will be split equally among all involved artists.



Follow the link below for audition details! 

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