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81 Minutes

Falling Iguana Theatre's second original production.

First performed July 2021, Fredericton New Brunswick

NotaBle Acts Mainstage Production


81 Minutes

"It is the story of a single night, and the story of a lifetime"

In July 2021 81 Minutes premiered at Theatre New Brunswick's Open Space Theatre. Produced by NotaBle Acts, '81 Minutes' was a co-production with FIT (Falling Iguana Theatre). With a cast of five actors (Jilly Hanson, Jean-Michel Cliche, Neomi Iancu Haliva, Ian Ottis Goff, Alexa Higgins) the play was written, created, and directed by Falling Iguana's co-founders, Ian Ottis Goff and Alexa Higgins. Ian also created the sound design, comprised of original compositions as well as a little help from Mozart and Jean-Francois Lesueur. Tech and sound design was done by Trent Logan. 81 Minutes was stage-managed by Armin Panjwani, with assistant stage amanagent by Devin Rockwell. NB Acts Artistic Director, Len Falkenstein acted as consulting director for the production. 

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81 Minutes #2

East Coast tour. April 22-24, 2022

In April 2022, Falling Iguana Theatre re-mounted and toured their 2nd original production, 81 Minutes, to three locations in Eastern Canada. The first performance was co-produced with The NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival and performed at Memorial Hall. In Sackville 81 Minutes was co-produced with NBacts and Live Bait Theatre. The show was performed at the Sackville legion. In Dartmouth the show was performed at the Alderney Landing Cultural Centre. 

Cast & Creative team:

Alexa Higgins

Ian Ottis Goff

Jean-Michel Cliche

Neomi Iancu Haliva

Jilly Hanson

Stage Manager: 

Dani Brun

Fredericton tech:

Armin Panjwani

Sackville tech:

Chris Meaney

Dartmouth tech:

Thomas Rice

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